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Linz Heritage Angus continues to grow as both an elite black Angus breeding program and a genetically verified beef source to some of the most renowned steak houses in the world. With Meats by Linz being one of the most sought-after meat purveyors in the industry, more than 5,000 head of cattle are needed weekly to support our customers. Top players in the fine dining arena want a program and story that give them an edge and the LHA Genetically Verified program provides that. The demand for this traceable, high-quality product is climbing every day and will continue to do so.

With the increasing demand for both Linz Heritage Angus genetics and Meats by Linz products, it’s important for us to have quality partners in the industry. When we say partners, we mean partners, not just buyers of our genetics. We aren’t here for a one-time sale, we want our partners to succeed. We stand behind our genetics.

To truly partner with our customers, we started our Calf BuyBack program four years ago, and it has continued to grow year after year. It gives us an opportunity to develop great relationships with our commercial customers, and we strive to help each partner achieve their goals with Linz genetics.

How it works

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Bulls bought from a sale or AI sires on cows bought either through the producers’ choice marketing agency or private treaty are eligible for our Calf BuyBack program. Our goal is to get as much for the producer as possible, and if that means we go down to breakeven, we’ll do that. We share carcass and feedlot performance data and help our customers with their future bull selection to continue to improve their cow herd. With bulls that are flexible and perform in many regions, our genetics produce flexible animals that can adapt to many environmental challenges. Backed by our Calf BuyBack program and our partnership, Linz Heritage Angus has a solution for you.

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Program Requirements

Become A Partner

  • Eligible cattle must be sired by registered Linz Heritage Angus bulls or sons of registered Linz Heritage Angus bulls. AI calves from semen purchased from Linz Heritage Angus bulls are also eligible.
  • Program cattle need to be identified with LHA tags and have a known, documented date of birth.
  • Producers must complete a training and genetic verification form in order to receive allocation of tags.

Calf Requirements

Become a Partner

  • Weaned or Unweaned
  • Must have received LHA program vaccinations
  • Bulls must be castrated and females must be open
  • Calves free of implants are preferred
  • Vaccination sheets must be completed
  • Feed lot and harvesting data will be made available to producers.

Hear It Firsthand

Hooks Ranch – Big Timber, Montana

“The last two years, Hooks Ranch has used a Linz No Doubt son we bought in the Linz sale as our primary AI bull. In prior years, we used the Linz Accuracy bull. Most of the AI heifers are used as high-quality, consistent replacements. They have calved easy and made great calves, even as heifers. As importantly, the breed back has been excellent on these cows. The steer calves and the heifers from the clean-up bulls have been shipped to Bossen Livestock in Arcadia, Nebraska, and fed on shares with Linz. The calves are shipped right off the cows to them. Bossen has done an excellent job with herd health, not only when they receive them but also throughout their time there. We work together with Linz and Bossen to bring the calves along to make some great carcass scores while hitting packing house slots.

The weaning weight data, the replacement data, combined with carcass data allows us to best select bulls going forward that can make great replacements, feed great, and have great carcass traits.” – Stacy Hooks


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