Our Story

Our story is best defined by our mission.

The Linz Heritage Angus mission was born from truly understanding the future of the meat industry and the quality it demands. In 1963, Martin Linz opened a small neighborhood butcher shop. Fast forward to today and that neighborhood butcher shop has grown into one of the premier meat purveyors in the U.S., Meats by Linz. Found on the menus of some of the top chefs in the country and around the world, Meats by Linz has taught the Linz family that consistency and quality would always be the most important factors in the industry.

To be able to produce the most consistent and high-quality meats possible, the Linz family took control of their supply. The Linz Heritage Angus program became a reality in early 2012 to do just that. Linz Heritage Angus continues to build a legacy of superior genetics to consistently produce some of the most consistently marbled Angus in the world. We accomplish that by focusing on phenotype first and then rolling in genotype. We want to be proud of the animals we see in the pasture and not just the Expected Progeny Differences (EPDs) we see on a page.

The Beginning

A family business

The small, neighborhood butcher shop started as a family business, and Martin Linz was known for his personal touch – a focus the business continues today. The foundation of that small butcher shop was built on the values of consistency, quality, and integrity. That foundation has allowed Meats by Linz and Linz Heritage Angus to grow into what they are today.


Where we are now

Still a family business

Even as Meats by Linz and Linz Heritage Angus have expanded, we continue to focus on staying a family business. The relentless pursuit of perfection and striving for the next level of quality and service have continued for the Linz family as the years have gone by and have become a cornerstone of the Linz Heritage Angus seedstock business. Our roots in the restaurant industry are as strong as ever and the demand for Linz beef continues to grow. We remain humble and we remain committed to our values. Consistency. Quality. Integrity.

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The Future

Blue Branch Ranch

The demand for quality beef is higher than ever before and the addition of Linz Heritage Angus at Blue Branch Ranch in Byars, Oklahoma propels our program to the next level. As the gold standard in high-end Angus beef, our goal is to continually advance to unprecedented areas in the industry and provide a herd of Black Angus sire and donors that rank the best in the world. 


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